Sabinus sues peak milk N1bn for using “something hooge”, Gala sausage roll N100M for using his picture.
Peak milk think say everything na joke 😂🤣

This is the “cartooned picture” that Gala used without Sabinu’s permission that made him sue them for ₦100 million 👇

Mr Funny, AKA Sabinus sues Peak milk for using his trademark phrase ‘something hooge’, demanding 1 billion naira compensation.

He also sued UAC foods, the company that produces gala sausage roll for using his picture for advert without his consent, demanding a compensation of 100 million.

In a pre-suit notice dated 27 May 2022 and signed by his lead counsel, Mr Stanley Alieke, Sabinus demanded from Peak Milk the payment of N500m for the alleged unauthorised use of his intellectual property and another N500m for damages for the “emotional, physical, psychological and mental trauma our client has suffered for the trademark theft and the infringement of his intellectual rights property”.

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