What was your experience there?

🗣️🗣️ In 2015, I took my phone to the plaza to be repaired. I was ignorant of what they were doing. My phone was plugged into their system to be repaired, and then they showed me on the screen the airtime that had been drained from my phone’s software repair. I glanced at the screen and saw N5900……..loading.

I screamed. Those guys asked me to nóró nwayóó….then I knew I have entered one chance………… They later gathered and took 4k from me, I was helpless. As if that was not enough, they asked me not to turn the phone on until after 24 hours…..A phone that a letter discovered was beyond repair.

🗣️🗣️ Omo I ask for just one music dey sent more than 50 and insisted I must pay for all

🗣️🗣️ That place?
I still dey vex for the fake Infinix Hot Note 3 them sell gimme, 7 years ago. 🥺
I see phone clearly with 2G RAM, 4GB ROM and clear camera.
As I reach house, I install app wetin I come dey see na “Unfortunately This App Has Stopped”
Space wey be 4GB ROM come be 1GB ROM
THE 2G RAM come be 570 RAM.
I no know whether na to cry, 30k just go like that.
The original of the phone get charging point for under but this one get charging point for on top.
As I flash the phone, e no come dey show Infinix logo when e on, e come dey tell me “WELCOME” each time I on am 💔

🗣️🗣️ I went to repair my Screen and sensor, na so this people said they will first scan it with mtn powered what I don’t know… Na so them scan dem show me o mumu me dey look, after scanning they said the problem is From panel and was even showing me damaged part on there screen and the price is 4K, phone never Good o, 4k don comot, they told me to go house and charge it for 4hrs straight that my Phone will be okay, na so I run go house plug and for more than 12hrs phone never good,
Next day I went there the person denied knowing me, they where even slapping me anyhow,
This happened in 2017 till today that guys face still dey clear for me, the I will get him omo, I go wound am with Stone😩😬

🗣️🗣️ Ohh my goodness….
When you’re dealing with Emeka Ofor Plaza boys, you’ve to be interlectually, mentally and consciousness alert… If not, dem go fold u like handkerchief and put u for inside there pocket lols… If them steal your phone in onitsha, try go there and ask those guys to bring the same product of that your lost phone… You’ll be surprise seeing them bringing your lost phone… But at all, you have to pay them before they’ll give you

🗣️🗣️ Bought PS Vita in one shop and entered his neighbour’s shop to put games inside. The guy told me it’s costly putting games there and PS Vita doesn’t have as much games as the regular PSP. He advised I go change it.
I went in to the other guy’s shop and he refused changing it for me, he insisted I buy the PSP too.
At the end we reached an agreement, I bought the PSP but I added 10k to the initial price he told me before I bought PS Vita.
And to think all these happened under 15 minutes and this guy refused changing that game for me. I won’t ever step foot there again.

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