In 2020,

Udala Nwannu was accused of gender based violence by a known witch on this space. A lot of demon!c, Jezebelic women on this space brought out their many fangs to feast on an innocent man.

Udala cried that he was the victim of abuse and gender based violence. They threatened to sue him to court until he provided evidence of everything that happened, and they went to bed with their ‘supageti’ and George Okoyefi was talked into being a man as society blackmails us into.

In 2020,

Izu Mmadubueze was accused of rape by another Jezebelic woman. His rep and business was affected, but not as bad as his mental health. Sadly, Izu could not hold up. He committed suicide and died.

Kessy Agwam followed up with this case until the family decided to mourn their loss and close the case.

That Jezebel is walking free and still posting pictures on Twitter after coming out to say Izu never sexually abused her. For her sorry ended it all.

In 2020,

The same verm!n that accused Okoyefi of abuse accused Haimarr Dayveed of so many things, and again women took this narrative and ran with it like their lives depended horribly on it. But King David is not a man who does not have weapons in his arsenal. Me thinks his arsenal is the only arsenal that has gunners.

In 2015,

I witnessed a man almost lynched in Benin City because a woman accused him of rape. On further investigation, it was found that the said woman was owing the man and he had come to collect his money. But this man had already been mortally injured. He was sent away with no medical bills covered on his behalf, and the woman not facing justice.

In 2021,

I went through the roughest time in my life after a woman I had hitherto referred to as the lover ended a relationship we had been in, went on social media to accuse me of the so many things she did, and again true to women and their sentiments, I was crucified on her posts. This was someone who emotionally abused and gaslighted me even spoke horrible of me dealing with depression.

It cost me so much in therapy and a lot of bad business decisions that cost me all my life savings.

BoDa GigGle and Inyang Okon were on the phone call with me and her for hours and they heard her words. John Chizoba Vincent went to her DM to confront her and heard a different story from the narrative she sold on social media.

Again, I am grateful for the people who stood behind me and helped me pull out from the catastrophe.

2016, Amber accused Johnny Depp of abuse and thought she could get away with soiling the name of our Capitano, Jack Sparrow the hunter.

But then, it’s a woman’s world, innit?

Towards the end of last year, I made a post about the year men spoke up against gender based violence. The winds are changing and it may not happen anytime soon, but it’ll come definitely.

It’s a woman’s world.

Videos of women beating men come on social media and we dismiss it as comic, but social media turns into a pandemonium when a man takes a second wife which is part of our culture. Shows you the double standards life is unjustly rigged against men.

When Izu died, I blocked an old time female acquaintance when she said that a lot of men abuse women and go away with it that it wouldn’t be wrong if Izu, innocent or not, should take the fall for those men.

Let it be on record that slowly we are getting justice. The world is quick to judge men, but let it be on record that we will find justice.

This win means a lot to us because it is not about Johnny Depp, but for me, and Udala Nwannu, and Izu Mmadubueze, and Hymar, and the so many men who have been victims of women, their abuse and lies, and the so many scheming they do.

I’ll end this post with Amber’s threat to Johnny.

“Tell the world, Johnny, tell them, ‘I, Johnny Depp, a man, I’m a victim, too, of domestic violence,’ and see how many people believe or side with you.”

We’ve told them, and now see who believes us.

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