“This is our seven years in marriage without a child. At the beginning, the doctors said nothing was wrong with us. While he was calm about it, I couldn’t help worrying. I am the one people always ask questions and gossip about. So even after he stopped following me to different places for a solution, I continued. That was when I discovered I had fibroid. They said it’s not very serious and I could still conceive. So I kept trying but nothing worked. I didn’t tell my husband about the fibroid.

Last December, he travelled to our state to see his people. Couple of months after he came back, he told me there’s another woman pregnant for him and he wanted to marry her. To say I was devastated is an understatement. We are Muslims and he’s entitled to more than one wife, but I just couldn’t take it.

Though he treats me well, I feel there’s nothing left for me in the marriage. I am just waiting to sell off the few goods I have in the shop, so I can have some money to sustain myself while I go back to my family.”

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