Dear Gentlemen in the house …

Once you and her are alone in your room and she is telling you a story..
Behave like u slept off and when she notice she keeps quiet 😒and perhaps angry🥵let her call your name to confirm you are sleeping 😹😏 by now she is angry and she will face the other side of the bed if she wants to sleep😒🛌
Oya naw Open your eyes small small 😋😉👀 make sure she is not watching.
Sneakingly move to her back , don’t make a sound. Suddenly Wrap your arms around her😋
She will be a bit frightened at first😮 because she thought u have slept off 🛌now kiss her on her neck 💋to increase her heart beat speed to 90😹then naw whisper I love u in her ears😻.. (aww by now she is already turned on💦) now as she is turning to look at you ….

Immediately kiss the lips 💋😋😋 and the thing will take over from there ☺️😇😇

Don’t forget to have condom near your bed oh

Because dis same advice change brother emeka to papa adamu🥴🥴

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