I hope you have heard about a well known Port Harcourt big Girl Christabel that died recently.

According to reports, she allegedly went for a
liposuction ( type of fat-removal procedure used in plastic surgery ) at a hospital in Lagos, Nigeria where she paid 3Million naira for the procedure and didn’t make it out alive.

The most striking thing in this is that her mother sells fufu ( akpu ) in front of their residence in Ikeja and she has the guts to go and pay #3million for buttocks enlargement.

One of your brother is working in a local bakery collecting #20,000 as salary and you have the mind to buy your death with #3million. My dear, you are a waste to your family.

You all know her as Christabel. But we all know her as blessing . I really pitied your mother who is devasted because of your death. It is well with your soul wherever you are.

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