Tinubu was not even ashamed to say that Buhari did not want to contest, and had retired from politics until he Tinubu went to Daura to beg him to contest in 2015. In other words, it is because of Tinubu Nigeria is suffering from the worst government in our history!

And look at his complaints. Buhari did not give me ministerial slots. He did not give me contracts. Me, me, me! A spoilt child. Nothing about what Buhari has done to Nigeria, a country he met as the world’s 3rd fastest growing economy, and is leaving as the world’s extreme poverty headquarters!

When he was arranging bullion vans to buy votes for Buhari, Tinubu did not complain to us of being betrayed. When his thugs were beating people in PDP enclaves of Lagos during the last election, he did not complain. Now that Buhari has shown him, he is now crying waa, waa!

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