Angry mobs have set another person ablaze in Abuja lugbe today … “ this is a current “ situation..

Angry mob said he committed blasphemy against their prophet ….

Angry mob kills and borns man over alleged blasphemy in Abuja

A member of a vigilante group has been killed and his body set ablaze at a market in Abuja over alleged blasphemy.

It was gathered that the unfortunate incident occurred at the Timber market in Lugbe, on Saturday afternoon, June 3.

Eyewitnesses said the victim, a Muslim, was known for the act of insulting Prophet Muhammad.

Narrating what transpired, a trader identified simply as Halilu said, “The guy is known as Small Hundaru, that was not his first time of insulting the prophet before the action was taken.

He was caught after buying food in the market in the afternoon, because when the blasphemy occurred it was just few people who were there, then a stick was used to hit him in the head.

Thereafter, he was stoned before he ran to the office. After he was unconscious, petrol was poured over him and not to stoke any fear in the market, he was burnt in front of the office.”

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