I had an appointment with someone this morning, we agreed to meet in the office by 9:30am, he called by 9 that he had series of chores to do and pleaded if I could come to his house, I agreed, at least it was an opportunity to pay him a visit and see his newly born baby since I hadn’t gone to identify with him.

I got to the house and lo and behold, the wife was seated on the floor having her hair plaited by another lady and Oga wash bathing the new born baby, what??

Oga was on boxers, his legs spread and stretched out over a bathing bowl with the baby on his lap, being bathed and crying.

God forbid my eyes to behold such iniquity!!!

And the baby is a girl child. Of about 3months.

I just had to excuse myself and told him we’ll see later. I left without wasting time.

In my mind: Both you and your stupid wife are irresponsible for condoning and committing this atrocity.

Can you imagine!!!

Simping is a sin. A sin again societal moral code, a sin against the Alpha position, a sin against Nature.

Stop sinning!!!

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