The Amarula Cream Liquor, do you know the first person who imported it into Nigeria?

Peter Obi.

Most of the cream liquor we consume, na him dey behind am.

He first saw it in South Africa, tasted it, then comes containers of the product into Nigeria. There are many more foreign wines we take and know today that are solely imported by him.

Heinz products in the whole West Africa— he’s the major distributor; Ovaltine, fencing wire, sardine, baking materials including over 100 other products, dude na-atụbata ha.

Na him get Beta Malt, Grand Malt, Hero, has franchise of Budeiswer in Naija, etc.

This is just small history.

E get why his name dey shake some people.

I may not be interested in politics but I am interested in business and people’s achievements.

Ose karịrị n’anụ kanda.

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