A popular content creator named Blackchully woke up one morning to find her “private” videos scattered all over the Internet. She is shocked, embarrassed and is in great psychological trauma. As a successful content creator with over 2.4 million followers on Tiktok,

this is a big blow to her brand, followers all over the world and personality but how did this happen? Let me explain

Many years ago, she was not known by anybody. She wasn’t a content creator and didn’t have a brand. Things were very difficult for her therefore She allegedly

used to sell her snaps (masturbation videos) to interested clients for N 5000. Yes you read that right. Five Thousand Naira. She’d record the videos and send to interested clients after payment. She stopped long ago when she started making money from real content creation

One of the clients , discovering that she has blown, now used the videos to blackmail her serially and when she was tired of paying, he scattered them on the Internet.

Blackchully did the things she did because she never thought that she’d blow one day and become a figure adored by over 2 million people all over the world.

In life’s lowest moments, please be careful of the things you do in the quest for money.

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