If you die for your faith in Christ Jesus, it’s martyrdom. Kinghts in Churches should Get guns to Defend the Church – Fada Oluoma

If you die for or because of your faith in Christ Jesus, it’s martyrdom, “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church”. If you die for your country, it’s patriotism.

However, I don’t know what to call those who die for just being Nigerians, individuals ruthlessly hacked to death and roasted in fire by rampaging blood thirsty religious fanatics in a country that says it is secular with rule of law.

What do I call those massacred in St Francis Catholic Church by terrorists that seem to be enabled by some criminal elements in the country? If they were told to renounce their faith in Christ Jesus and they refused and got killed, I could call them martyrs without hesitation. They were killed because they were unfortunate to be in Nigeria where killing is now as easy as ABC everywhere. Let’s leave nomenclature for now.


knighthood was established to protect the church, if I’m not mistaken, from external aggression. It’s time to up the game. I plead, appeal and suggest that knights in the church should organise and get licensed guns. Drop the ceremonial swords for now, get government licensed guns, get some members trained and carry the guns concealed for eventualities like Owo massacre. Self defence is not against Christian and Catholic doctrine.

Parishes that are too poor to have government licensed automatic guns should be assisted by the rich ones. If we have to dedicate the bazaar of one year to achieve this let it be. Let’s help government to ward off killers from worship centers.

It is practically impossible for government to deploy security operatives to all churches, so this is a necessary complementary efforts. Knights of the church, it’s time. Let’s not ever think that this incident will not happen again. This is not the first, who says it will be the last? It is safe to say other churches and our muslim brethren can do same. Government needs help to secure Nigerians.

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