I blocked my multimillionaire friend on WhatsApp late last year because I noticed I was mentally becoming a slave to her.

She would call me anytime she needed my help and I would render it to her without thinking twice but when I need her help, she would either not pick nor reply her messages or her number would not go through.

Atimes she read my chats and won’t reply.

This was going on for a while, when I complain, she would apologise.

Last year, we spoke about something important and she had to do her part to fulfil the deal, I kept calling and sending messages but she ignored them. I knew she was back to it again, I cancelled the deal and blocked her on all communication channels.

She was obviously using me and trampling on my intelligence, I later realised she had enslaved me mentally, maybe because she is richer or something.

I blocked her.

I was at work last week when a number called and I picked, it was her, I recognised her voice immediately.

“Why did you block me everywhere? What have I done to you? She asked and that got me pissed off more because I felt she was still trying to play on my intelligence.

I told her to figure it out and call me to talk about it and not trying to play smart on me. I said and dropped the call.

She called back hours later and started apologising and giving unreasonable excuses, she pleaded that I unblock her which I did.

She called yesterday to propose a deal and I declined immediately.

She was shocked.

She requested to see me physically and I told her i dont have the time, she should look for someone else.

“I guess that’s why you called after 8 months of not communicating,you are back to your old ways, guess what, once beaten thrice shy, I am done taking sh*to from you, let’s just be a casual good morning and good night friend”

She didn’t believe I could be that blunt. Her message came in again this morning trying to convince me that she’s a changed person but the son of a snake is still snake and it is still dangerous.

That is who she is, she can’t change and that personality is not good for my mental health and dignity.

If they are not giving you the same energy you are giving them, let them go you will be fine because if you don’t, you will be mentally enslaved and there is nothing to be in it for you at the end of the day.

Don’t let anyone enslave your mentality because they are richer than you, you deserve the best.

You matter too.

Humility is not stupidity.

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