I was home all day due to the sit at home, until I was invited to a small sit out by “my guys” and their friends.

I was bored and would be home alone if I didn’t go, so I had to join them.

As we eat and drank, we discussed a lot of things, we talked about our government, the state of the country and the recent happenings.

Then we talked about leaving the country, (truth is, almost everyone wants to leave this country).

We were on how difficult it is to actually leave when one of us said,

Guy 1: “The surest way to leave is to marry a nurse”

I was surprised until another said,

Guy 2: I dey tell you, just marry her finish push her go abroad, by the time she don settle you go join her there.

(These people said this thing like it is that easy)

Me: Hmmm… Even if you don’t love her?

Guy 2: what business has love got to do with this? We are taking about leaving you’re here talking love.

Worst comes to worst after entering the country and she doesn’t go well with you, it is to leave her na.

Guy 3: Even if you no leave am sef, na just to dey do your own outside. If no be nurse I no marry o. No vex say you be woman, na just how things take be

After listening to this conversations from graduates, I was scared for our young unmarried nurses.

It reminded me when I posted my sisters and friends on Nurses week only to get DMs asking if I am a nurse

Every “No” I gave ended the conversation.

One even said I should link him up with one of my friends.

Too bad!

I have nurses as family and friends, it’s scary.

Imagine a good nurse falling into the hands of these para sites in the name of marriage.

Only to be used as gateways to escaping the country.

To think of the pressure they will mount on their wives to leave the country even when the young lady didn’t plan to, it’s annoying.

Young unmarried nurses please be careful so you don’t fall into the hands of these Career Para sites (as I choose to call them).

God help you all in your choice of partners.

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