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A man identified as Hakeem Rahman has been accused of incessant domestic abuse on his wife, Zahidat.
It was gathered that the latest incident happened few days ago at their residence in Ajigbotinu Street, Agege, Lagos. A video which has gone viral shows Hakeem trying to brush the victim’s teeth while hitting and cursing her.
A source familiar with the incident said, “They’ve been married for eight years and have three kids together. He’s always assaulting her and we’ve tried to wade in all to no avail.
Few days ago, we caught him at the backyard forcing his wife to brush her teeth and hitting her while at it. This woman is drained mentally, physically, and emotionally. She can’t talk any longer only God knows if this man has cut her tongue. This is just wickedness. Her husband needs to be put in his place; she really needs help urgently.”

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