There was pandemonium at Candid Estate community, Araromi Ale, in Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State when a man identified as Wasiu allegedly slit the throat of his pregnant wife, simply identified as Fathia.
It is reported that the unfortunate incident happened on Wednesday, June 8. Reports state that Wasiu stabbed his wife in the presence of their only son. An eyewitness told our source that Wasiu had called his relatives, his wife’s relatives, and his Landlady to inform them of his wife’s demise.
When the Landlady got the information, she was said to have immediately called on the CDA Chairman, who immediately sent a distress call to the Nigeria Police station, Morogbo. When the police arrived and forcefully opened the door of the deceased’s apartment, they found the lady in a pool of her own blood with her neck slit.
Wasiu was also found on the floor with his intestine g§shing out of his stomach.

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