“Good evening, I just got picked up by sars yesterday, they picked me up from a bolt with my guys, paid the bolt guy and told him to leave, told us to enter a sienna, they checked my phone and my guys, saw nothing then they checked my balance from my Gmail, after driving a distance, they dropped my guys and told me to stay, kept slapping me called me a yahoo boy and handcuffed me, took me to a place, told me to pay 5m, I said I didn’t have they then told me to make calls and used a recorder to record me where they forced me to admit I was a yahoo boy and I want to give them 2m to be free, after I called, my guy was gingering them, they then told me they’re taking me to bayelsa that I called police for them drove till elele, note I’ve been with them since 3pm and this was about 7pm, told me if they take me inside bush nobody is going to do anything, after much begging I was forced to pay 400k after which I was dropped on the road in another state. They waited till the alert came then they deleted it. Gave me 500 to go home, took my number and said they’d call.”

  • Yemi | @blackboymagicc | Twitter

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