Me personally like being myself and like people who are themselves around me but then again,we all can’t be the same,I as a girl will do such infact I have done such lol 😂😂

So this my friend;

Had asked me to matchmake him with a serious girl I know on Facebook.

Asked him if it was for a serious fling or relationship, so someone’s daughter won’t go and write men are this and that, then start making me feel guilty.

He assured me he was looking for a serious relationship.

So, I set him up with this girl who had also been asking me to find man for her.

Two weeks passed and I heard nothing from the both of them.

I called the girl to ask first.

She told me that the guy never called her again after the first date and she had been wondering what she did wrong.

I hung up and called my guy.

“Nna, that girl said you didn’t call her again after taking her out. What happened? She wasn’t what you were looking for?”

So, he started;

Told me how the girl was beautiful and all that, but displayed a very razz behavior that turned him off instantly.

“Kosi, we already ordered our drinks and the waiter brought them without an opener. Before I could ask the guy to go get an opener, do you know this girl used her teeth to kpor fu (open) her drink?” He said.

“Arghhhhh! That’s truly razz! But then, maybe…”

He cut me short.

“Nothing like maybe, Kosi! The girl also took my beer and opened it fiaaaa with her teeth! She didn’t even pretend to struggle like it was her first time. She expertly opened the bottles with her teeth like someone that has been doing it for donkey years.” He continued.

“Okay? So, what happens to her now?” I asked.

“Guy, I need a girlfriend, not Mc Oluomo.” He replied.

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