OWO town in Ondo State is NOT a good place for heinous crime. They don’t allow killers to go scot free.


Because the people GO TRADITIONAL whenever anyone takes a ‘War’ to them.
“No one brings war to Owo” is a sing song among this very peaceable people.

On many occasions they have demonstrated this. Sometime ago, armed Robber’s raided multiple Banks in the town and killed people including Policemen. The ELDERS of the town felt challenged. They carried out a RITUAL and swore that the Felons would be apprehended. An indigene of the town told me the ROBBERS stood no chance.
Exactly one week later the men were rounded up in different parts of Nigeria and taken back to Owo in Ondo State. The rest is History.

About 5 days ago, some killers went into a Catholic Church within Owo and slaughtered nearly 50 people in a BLOOD-bath. The bodies of the Igbo among the victims have been taken back to their States of origin for burial.

Now! Two days after the killings ELDERLY women of the town mobilized and carried out a Ritual in BROAD Daylight. Within 48 hours the killers were apprehended. I just watched a video of the Oba in Owo telling his subjects that the killers have been apprehended.

What point am I making??? A people who stick to their CULTURE and TRADITIONS are ever formidable. Those who throw theirs away will WEEP and RUN even when no one is pursuing.

Contrary-wise among the Igbo, the people are busy BURNING all the Traditional religious items their ancestors used to protect their communities. Foolishly many have been brainwashed to accept that their ancestors were WITCHES and WIZARDS.

I never stop to regret that a particular ‘Ram Horn’ (Shofar) that was blown in my community whenever it was under attack was destroyed years back during a so called Crusade by a Church. My father told me that the sound of that Ram Horn transformed all the young men who MUST hear it into fierce fighters. It was an instrument for spiritual warfare.

I just heard that the killers in OWO by themselves WALKED to the palace of the Oba to ‘REPORT’ themselves. I am NOT surprised. That Oba when he was inaugurated announced to the World that he intends to be a TRADITIONAL ruler in the real sense of the WORD.

What happened in Owo has given further vent to the igbo adage that: “Nku n’ona mba n’eghere mba nri”. Meaning : “The solution to the problems in a community would invariably be found within the community” .

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