Today’s Insights 👌
75% of girls are living a high life with fake standards with dirty money .

The way girls are desperate for money they do anything and everything to get the money and I can tell you the signs of such kind of girls but let’s carry on with the insights.✅

A lot of girls don’t move me these days, they own expensive properties while they have zero income, no job, no business and poor background and when you get to find out what they do in private you will be shocked ✅

It’s not a story or a rumor to you but most of the ladies do dirty things to get those expensive stuff, they have sex with old people, other people’s husbands and more dirtier things and when they are out here they will make you feel like you are not progressing in life and they get to live a high life with fake standards.✅

Listen girl, do not be in a rush to waste your life without knowing their source of income some of those ladies you admire don’t even sleep at night, they have dangerous diseases, deadly STDs, they live a painful life when they are alone and smile in public, some of them don’t sleep home but in other worlds everyday and some wish they never landed themselves in such a mess.✅

Hey sis, don’t rush I know money is good but don’t waste your life, don’t sell your body to old men who are already dead 💀, don’t get into evil activities that will affect your life in a long run. Trust me you are okay where you are and believe me a lot of those high class girls you admire they also admire to be like you. Trust the process and everything will fall in place.

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