I think I clearly understand why Liquorose preferred their breakup kept away from the public. It would have been harder for her because most housemates would have thrown shades to scorn her. Fans would have made disparaging comments to weigh her down more. Na who never chop breakfast no go understand this thing. Especially a relationship a lot of people knew of, it’s hard to get over.

I knew this Aunty who was avoiding certain streets because she didn’t want her ex or people that knew them to see her.

“I don’t understand you oh, will they kill you? Is it not just a broken relationship? Abegi, stop avoiding people here and there. What is there to be ashamed of over a broken relationship?” I would say to her.

“A lot of people knew me and Chkwuma (not real name) they will all laugh at me saying after all the use he dumped me. Shebi we warned her?” she would lament.

I will hiss hard and say “And so? No be dem get their mouth? Abeg ignore them. You are not the first to have a broken relationship nah. Be strong, Aunty be strong joor”

I was a teenager who befriended people far older than me. I was seventeen approaching eighteen and Aunty was twenty-nine. We weren’t age mate but I truly was so mature in looks and in mind for my age.

I was not that close to Aunty again.

Years later, I was served breakfast. Very hot breakfast, the one wey dem just comot from fire wey dey comot smoke. That type that tastes like dem put plenty atarodo inside, come still garnish with sliced onions. The kind of onion that brings tears to your face at sight. Omo! That breakfast pursue me. I come lean so tey dem dey ask if I dey sick.

Okay, Nah!

I was still feasting on the massive breakfast that was taking long to finish let alone letting me heal, when I became like that aunty.

I started avoiding streets that would connect me with my breakfast server.

Nobody reminded me. Na me by myself remember Aunty. That was when I saw karma face-to-face. See ehn, breakfast pass breakfast, pray yours is minimal. The one I ate was massive.

This same heartbreak made me write song for the first time.

“I gave you my heart, you promised to love me. Now you go. Where are you?”


Eyes have seen!!


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