Do you know why they don’t want Peter Obi?

I will tell you.

After reading this👇 do a thorough investigation in Anambra state starting from when Peter Obi was the governor of Anambra state…..

(1) God Fatherisim will end in Nigeria(Tinubu and co that have shared Nigerian affairs within them will be given red card)

(2) Corruption will just vanish

(3) those huge allowance for senators even to their dogs will end.

(4) equality and fairness will take it’s course in Nigeria(No one is more Nigeian than the other)

(5) Wickedness will end in the government as people like Tinubu and co will be brought to book.

(6) Executive arm of the Government will start doing their work and other arms of Government will be effective knowing that probing will be valid and thorough as serious RESHUFFLE will happen in the executive arm of the government.

(7) Economy will start working again(Break down in economy is not in Anambra state, investigate)

(8) The whole past thieves (heros) will be probed perpetually.

(9) Accountability will be must in the government(for those that turn allocation to their personal money)

(10) Surveillance will be effectively valid executively

(11) Job Opportunities on Merit for graduates in all government, International, and muti- national companies will be sure.(Online sales will reduce)


(13) Past terrors will be on the run as their time of reconning will be on the desk of Peter Obi..

Note: If you like get the point, if you don’t like, allow hate for the Igbos sink you. Na for your pocket e dey. Peter Obi coming is solely for the none Igbos…. Daalunu, I am still Ngalakwesiri.

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