Around 2018 when I finished my secondary school I went back to my village there’s a
friend of mine then who is a cultist unknown to me,we mingle we joke we do everything together,sometimes we discuss about cultists
Their language and all
Because I have stay with many of them during my junior and senior school I know some of their slag and traditions but never have any intention to be among them.
So one evening market at my village,me and my so called friend was flexing together as usual not knowing he has different intentions and plans for me that night as he was also mingling with other guy, at a point I started seeing new faces coming to greet me and my so call friend which he claimed to be his old class mate and friend from Neighbour community,honestly i didn’t suspect anything wrong,I have no bad intentions towards that because it’s public place.
At a point I requested him to help me escort my school friend that visited me that night with bike,which he sincerely agreed,after the escortion we came back to the market.
When we reach market he requested I give him my phone to use and call her gal friend which I even bought enough airtime for him,in the process of making the call he said I should escort him beside the market to make call to avoid distraction,when we reach there I saw many different face more than 10 guys they greeted him with cultists language which he reply,Then they start asking me some of their questions which I couldn’t answer,I began to suspect something terrible,note this was happening around 10pm no light anywhere.
I was expecting my friend to speak for me or rescue me but unfortunately he’s the one gearing it,he abandoned me in that lonely place,they overpowered me and dragged me inside bush,started beating me with cutlass,use white rag and cover my face, doing some incantation,with beating 😭,
It’s when they have beat me to almost unconscious is when my so called friend came with some weapons like gun,cutlass and axe with some other substances,I calm down immediately.
After so much initiation and incantation,they use razor blades tear my skin and mixed my blood with other blood probably theirs and forced me to take it for convenant. I cried I weep I shout,no one hear me,my so called friend join hand with strangers and initiated me into cultists,they seize my phone and all the money I have no means to make a call.
In the next day the first thing I did was to report it to one anglincan reverend for deliverance and confess everything to him,and immediately travel out from my village disassociate myself from them,they warn me not tell anybody or I’ll die.
But honestly since that incident till now anytime dream I’ll be seeing myself with them,they will be collecting anything they sees with me,money phone and any valueable things I hold.
Things are not working for me,setback,depression,negative things,bad dream every time,nothing is working for me.I’m doing small things to sustain myself but no improvement.
Should I still go for deliverance and confession or what should I do to abstain myself from any convenient they had with me under duress
Please I need advice

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