This is one of the things holding a lot of people ransom today and also one of the reasons some people do a lot of spiritual works yet nothing is changing.

If you like do your water rituals hundred times with cow and all other stuff but if you didn’t handle this aspect, just know that you are like someone who went to market to throw money and then come back home to ask your people if they saw what you gave them…AM SURE YOU KNOW THE ANSWER.

And the funny thing about this is that its materials are even the cheapest when doing a water/spiritual work but the issue is, do the Dibia saw it,and what type of oath is it cus that is what will determine what will be in the calabash.

In olden days before this era so many villages had Dibias that are gifted for this particular work and it called in our place…”IVO OGBANJE” meaning exsuming of oath of where the person came from.

After the exsuming,the dibia will now check what it contains.
If it has a bad effect on the persons life now,then it will be changed.

But if it’s of positive effects,it will be kept in a place where an alter will be raised for the persons spiritual group and tis to help the person succeed in his/her journey here.

Today as the time changes and Dibias are no more interested in developing their spiritual lives,they now resort to using charms to tie them which always backfires in due time.

Mind you there are different times of “IYI UWA” but I won’t state them here cus of “ndi dibia oso ahia” who wants to be “OGA” without serving.

Today if one cannot exsumme it, there are also a ways to overrule the past one and then take a new one which will lead one into his/her next life.

Moreso “IYI UWA” is usually buried at the point of your entrance into this world and most times that’s where they are exsummed those days. And today that’s also where the new one will be buried but that depends on the dept of the Dibias spiritual eyes.

Today as everybody is claiming Eze Dibia with big names I owe it to the innocents to explain somethings so that you know the right person or place to go for your spiritual needs.

Personally I don’t have the grace to exsumme them for now but there are still communities that have the Dibias.

But my first experience was last two weeks when I went to work for one of my daughters at “IMO STATE”.

Before coming, “AFA” revealed her point of entrance nearby her river.

After passing through all the four stages of her “IYI UWA”,it was now time to go and bury the new one.

On getting her river behold the place “AFA” talked about was there.

As we were digging to bury the new one,we saw the old one.

I must tell you that it was my first experience and to here show could not believe it.

Some of my workers said that if they don’t know me they will say that I did magic… LOLZ.


Anytime you work into a DIBIA office and your spirit grows bitter, just leave the place and never go back. It’s a sign that your EZUMEZU don’t want you to be there.

Let me say this now….90% of Dibias today are not working with their ancestral forces.

They have abandoned the ways of their ancestors in quest of power,fame and money therefore their ancestors can no longer trust them with their secrets and powers.

So if you are still pure and uncorrupted spiritually, your ancestors won’t allow some Dibias to work for you no matter how big or small they may be.

This is why you must listen to your inner voice while seeking for spiritual help to avoid being pushed into more trouble.

And this is why we have a lot of alters and shrines doing nothing but working for thieves and going from place to place gathering woods in the name of deities that will help them work.

Let me rest my case here and I thank my EZUMEZU for allowing me make this post today.

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