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On the 07/09/2021 His Excellency, Peter Obi donated ₦100m to Bishop Shanahan Hospital of Nursing and Midwifery, Nsukka. Enugu State. Yet Fr. Mbaka has the efforntery to tag Peter Obi stingy simply coz Peter Obi refused to be emotionally blackmailed in 2018/2019 in his church. Criminals in white.

Anywhere belle face pupit bandits


Mbaka 🗣️🗣️”placed a curse” on Chimaroke Nnamani the governor of Enugu state. Declaring that “If I be a man of God” Chimaroke Nnamani won’t win a second term in office.

Needless to say, Nnamani completed his second term very very well and is presently a senator

of the FRN.

The problem with charlatans and aspiring demagogues like Mbaka is that they do not like to be humiliated or embarrassed and they are unforgiving of persons who challenge them. Father Mbaka is a psychopath who thinks himself to be God.

In the exchange between Obi

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