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My cousin lost the Bulb in her room last night 😥

The white bulb inside her room died last night.

Last night when I went to remove the late bulb from the wall to throw away, she cried to me not to throw it away, that she wants to give it a befitting burial.

At first I thought she was running mad later I got to understand where she’s coming from.

That bulb was what helped her to prepare adequately for her JAMB and WAEC. The bulb has helped her countless times not to slip and fall on objects in the room by giving her light. The bulb guided her a lot when it was still alive.

If she’s awake and studying, the bulb was also awake with her. The bulb was loyal to a fault 🥺

I felt it when she collected the bulb from my hand, held it to her chest and cried saying,

“So I’m never going to see your light again.”

I became emotional too 😥

Life is indeed short. This bulb has served its purpose and now its gone, but the memory of what it has done for us will live on forever.

In order to pay it our last respect, we decided to bury it this morning. We dug a grave pit, six inches into the ground, and buried it.

Before we finally laid the bulb to rest, my cousin asked me to make a final speech for it. Here’s what I said:

“Life is indeed short. No object will live forever; guns, phones, batteries, clothes, shoes, they will all die someday. Even the Benz Ovaioza used our money to buy for her lawyer will die someday. No object knows tomorrow
There’s no guarantee that the next day is sure. A breakable plate could fall and break today when they’re washing it.

What really matters is the legacy these objects leave behind.
Have they served humanity, or have they allowed themselves to be used by terrorists against humanity?”

Today is going to be a very sad day for my cousin and I 😥

May the soul of the bulb rest in perfect peace 😔🕊️

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