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Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has reacted to allegations that she’s been sleeping around with men in exchange for money and a luxurious lifestyle.

A few days ago, a blogger alleged the movie star sleeps around with men for money to furnish her lifestyle and particularly accused her of having an affair with a politician.

Reacting in an Instagram live video, Lawal debunked the allegation saying she’s one of the few decent females around town.

She explained she has made many sacrifices to live decently and the issue of sex has got to be the last tool anyone can use in facilitating her downfall.

The Badagry-born appealed to her accuser to stick with writing and speaking only the truth as lying isn’t a good trait.

Lawal said, “I’ve made way too many sacrifices. I’ve said no to many things in my life. Like even people who have dated me, people who have tried to date me, they’re on this app. They know how I am when it comes to sex matters.

“So the last thing you can try to use to drag me down is sex. Nah! Nah! Nah!! Everybody is like, why did you talk? Stay quiet. Buy nah, I can beat my chest anywhere.

“You see, when it comes to being decent inside ehn, I’m on top 10. Top 10 guys, I can beat my chest. Top 10!

“Whatever it is that I’ve done in this life, I have not been as bad as a regular girl. Like a regular girl that’s not even hot like that, you understand.

“I can say I’m still pretty much saner, even some married women sef. Ha! No no no no, don’t! o wrong now, o wrong.

“See, I’m not a saint, neither am I married so, I have the liberty to do anything I want to do, okay.
“But, thou shall not lie, okay. If you’re gonna write stuff or if you’re gonna say stuff, try and stick to the truth. Please.”

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