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Alot of Nigèriàn men are like this Emmanuel BBnaija. They will be nice to you, they will give you emotional support, they will lead you on and do most of the Relationship stuffs with you.
In your head as a woman who is innocently searching for love, you will assume you’re his girlfriend and he is dating you…LOL😆

As time passes by, when you demand for commitment, he will turn around and tell you that he never asked you out to be his girlfriend. He will tell you that both of you were just friends. Lol

These men want and like all the sweet things about relationship and they want to be having sex with you but they don’t want commitment. Some of them are usually also manipulative and they behave like they do not have the “balls” to ask a woman out but no! They have the balls, they don’t just want to be committed to a woman and a relationship. They will intentionally lead you on and make you see yourself as a “Desperate” lady when you demand commitment.

Now, what will you do as a woman to avoid getting yourself mixed up in such kind of drama?

Understand this, if a man did not use his mouth to ask you to be his girlfriend, you’re 100% single. No two ways about this! Stop assuming you’re his girlfriend because he leads you on. A man should ask you out properly in other for you to know your place! A relationship or friendship should be properly defined and not just a mere assumption. Having sèx with a man does not even mean you’re his girlfriend. There are different kinds of relationships/friendship. He should define the type he wants.

When he presents himself to be a friend! Keep it at that! Don’t be lovey dovey with him! Don’t allow him to kiss you or to start having sex with you unless maybe it is what you want!

Stop enabling them to hurt you or make you look desperate!

Stop it!

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