90% of catholic priests secretly have kids and most times, they send them abroad.

Speaking from a big experience.

I’ve told the story here about one of my hostel mate back in the university that a popular Rev father was visiting and spending on.

Actually, some girls prefer to date Rev fathers. Yes!

This particular girl has been in Scotland for years. Immediately she graduated.

And she was heavily pregnant before she traveled out of the country.
She knows that i know her very well and the father of her child. In fact, she doesn’t hide it. Lol 😂

Y’all need to see the mansion she built in Abuja.

My mom knows about this story and couldn’t stop crying the day i told her about it.

I will not repeat the story, to avoid getting anybody angry because e no dey hard them.

But, it is what it is.

Believe in yourself and never you vouch for anybody. To avoid getting the shock of your life and existence unexpectedly.

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