Just before Peter Obi stepped down as Anambra State governor, he met the renowned Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Joseph Nwilo who was based in the United States.

He asked him to come back to Anambra State and perform those surgeries and Dr. Nwilo asked for a well-equipped hospital.
Peter Obi sat down with Dr. Nwilo and St. Joseph Specialist hospital and they came up with a list of things to get and the bill ran up to 1 BILLION NAIRA.

Peter Obi wrote the cheque and gave it to them.

Peter Obi doesn’t have any heart issues, and he doesn’t need any surgery!!!

Fast forward to August 3rd, 2014, after Peter Obi have left office, the first heart surgery was performed in Anambra State by 15 doctors led by Dr. Joseph Nwilo in the facility Peter Obi built.

The facility was named after Peter Obi and he was invited to witness the surgery.

Dear Nigerians, let’s try this man.

📷: Sports Dokitaq

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