Lagos bus conductors think that they are smart.

I just showed one of them what smartness really is. 😁

I stood at the bus stop waiting for a bus to Oshodi.

This bus stopped and the conductor asked where I was going.

“Ikeja, ” I said.

“Your money na N500,” he replied.

“E no gree N400?”

“No, na N500 last.”

I had no other option than to board the bus.

Along the way he picked up some passengers who were going to Oshodi.

Surprisingly, he asked them to pay the same amount that I was to pay: N500.

Wait a minute!

Oshodi is farther than Ikeja, so why would I pay the same amount as they would?

“Ehen, so this man wants to cheat me in this hard economy abi?”

When we got to Ikeja the bus stopped.

The conductor turned to me and said, “Bros na Ikeja we dey, you fit come down now.”

“Take me to Oshodi,” I said.

“But you say na Ikeja you wan stop before nah.”

“Oga conductor, yeah I told you Ikeja but I have changed my mind. Please take me to Oshodi, or isn’t it for the same price?” I asked.

“Na wa for you oo,” was all he could say. 😁

The passengers were becoming impatient.

“Conductor let’s go nah, if he say na Oshodi, na Oshodi nah.”

The driver started the bus and rode on.

“Yeye people, I must use my N500 to the full,” I said to myself.

I won’t be cheated. 😀

We got to Oshodi and everyone alighted.

At least, I used my money to the full. 😁

Well, my destination was actually Ikeja so I had to trek back as I had no other money on me.

Omoh, thirty minutes now and I still dey road dey waka back to Ikeja oo.

The sun is not even helping matters. 🌞

I am being roasted under its burning heat.

Abeg, who get cold sachet water to give me before Son of Aluga faint for road. 😰😰😭

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