BREAKING: FBI confirms to EFCC that Tinubu did not attend Chicago University.

FBI confirmed to the EFCC that Tinubu did not attend any Chicago state University or affiliated educational centers.

Who Really Is Tinubu; And What Does He Not Want Nigerians To Know About Him? 🤔

“Make no mistake, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu attended primary and secondary schools. The only reason he would rather lie that he never attended any than submit his certificates to INEC Nigeria is because those documents contain personal information about who HE REALLY IS, his real name, his age, his ancestry etc.

This is the shadowy figure some of you are supporting to come and preside over the destiny of over 200 million people after 8 whole years of the human tragedy called Muhammadu Buhari? And you call this Politics and Right to make choice? How more h£artless can you be? Just because of money that won’t even last you a couple of months??”

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