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So the spiritual parents of Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu didn’t find the chance to attend the burial of their former choir leader and lead singer. I mean her Pastor, mentor, co-minister on the pulpit was ABSENT. Wow!

They must have been entangled in some very serious assignment of the Kingdom. Certainly, they were indisposed. The task of wining souls is enormous and can’t be jettisoned for anything unconnected with it. Let the dead bury their dead, so the bible enthused. Hmmmm

My dear committed church member, let this pass for an instruction for you. As you jump up and down in the service of man in his business centre, endeavour to take care of your health, your family and aged parents. Do not die in someone’s Church PLC. Because if you do, they will replace you fast without even finding the presence of heart nor time to bid you farewell at your funeral.

This is not particular with the church Osinachi served all her life, it is a common thing in the Pentecostal faith. Your pastors don’t consider you a family member neither do they hold you in such esteem as you hold them. You see, if the situation was reversed, nothing would have stopped Osinachi or other church members from attending their Pastor’s funeral to bid him the last farewell. Infact, it would have been considered an ecclesiastical duty to be at the ceremony.

The cord of love that binds believers in the Christian faith is only a one way traffic.

Know this ontime and know peace.

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