When Igbo people overwhelmingly voted for President Obasanjo, a Yoruba man, problem no dey o.

Before then, Igbo people supported Obasanjo against Alex Ekwueme in the primaries, nobody complain.

We gave President Yar’Adua, a Northerner, majority votes in the south east even against our own Ojukwu who was on the ballot, problem no dey o.

President Goodluck Jonathan wasn’t an Igbo man, he wasn’t from the east, Igbo votes for him in the East were undeniable.

Last elections, Atiku, a Northerner, swept the votes in the South east, even the SS votes weren’t that decisive.

After all those years of ignoring their own tribesmen on the ballot, even the legendary Odumegwu Ojukwu, Igbo people finally saw Peter Obi and checked him out and said “ha, this one is good enough”

That’s when suddenly they are being accused of tribalism. Suddenly it is now “those people have agenda”.

But when we were ignoring our own back to back agenda no dey, shey?

Lmao. This tribalism and bigotry blackmail no go work.

We die hia! Peter Obi to the end!

Credit: Hymar Idibie

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