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Pastor Adeboye’s son passed on sometimes last year. At the funeral, the crowd was massive. Cleries and gospel ministers throng the venue in so much that ants were jealous. There was massive media coverage. Dunamis TV aired the event live. Almost every pentecostal faithful in Nigeria had the deceased pictures splashed on their timeline.

Pastor Ezekiel Atang passed on sometimes this year, the turn out of faith men and women was also massive. Pastor Paul Enenche visited the bereaved family twice and was fully present at the funeral. He even gave a speech. Almost all faith based TV channels in the south covered the event also.

Gospel Minister Osinachi Nwachukwu was buried over the weekend, the ceremony was only attended by village people and handful of representative from the Dunamis Church. Her burial did not only fail to draw the expected crowd, she was buried like some church rat (pardon the harch use of word).

The spurius questions at hand are;

  • Why was Pastor Enenche absent at the ceremony?
  • Why didn’t Dunamis TV televise the burial of their former lead singer and foremost chorister?
  • What happened to Gospel Artists, why were they absent?
  • How many pastors who had Osinachi ministered in their programmes came to pay their last respects?
  • What prevented other pentecostal believers who have been blessed by Osinachi’s ministeration at one time or the other from attending the event?

The answers are not far fetch. Osinachi was not on the board of the Dunamis church nor have any blood ties with the owner of the church. Osinachi did not also amass the kind of wealth that will accord her a special/senior church member recognition. I bet if she had purchase a car for the pastor or sponsor one of his outreaches single handedly, Pastor Enenche would not only be present at the burial, he would have conducted the rites himself. Alas! she was just a member, worker and nothing more. The toga of “we are brethren by the blood of Christ” is a SCAM. You are brethren to nobody my friend. If you doubt this, wait until something serious happens to you, then you will find how many ‘Brethren’ will stand up for you.

Even her follow choristers and Gospel Artists did not come oh……..

Serve God my friend in all the ways you can but please, remember to take care of you. Because, when it matters most, only you and family will be there for you and yours. Especially if you don’t have money. Money is the only ‘Brethren’ the Nigerian pentecostal church recognizes.

This is the sad reality of the Pentecostal faith in Nigeria.

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