The house I live in with my husband is a ‘wonderful’ house. Yes, notice the word ‘wonderful’ in quotes. When we first moved in weeks before our traditional wedding, we met the absence of the landlady. Everything we did was handled by the caretaker. We had peace for a while or so we thought. It was just the regular pumping machine going bad every week or the power supply suddenly tripping off or the landlady having light and we don’t.

Let me not erase a weird phenomenon of my husband and I constantly fighting even to the point of violence which was so unlike both of us. I mean, we dated so what are all these fgs? I knew something wasn’t right when after our ‘eyes have cleared’, we would be so apologetic and talk about how we don’t understand what came over us. We are very much in love so…

Soon, our landlady returned from ‘the abroad’ and things worsened. The car we had bought the second month of being there, we had to sell. The hardship was unexplainable. We even sold our mattress, with the plan of getting another but unfortunately, we couldn’t understand what happened to the money. We are very hard-working people.

When it dawned on me that something could be wrong when we started missing items around the house. At first, it was my jewellery. Then the clock at home would stop, no matter how many times we changed the battery. Cobweb attacks were a daily affair and we kept quarrelling for no reason. After we sold the car, my husband got scammed of the money. Other money he had for a project, when he tried to transfer it to his other account, it hanged. He went to the bank countless times and was asked to come with his ATM card and his NIN card. To date, we can’t find both. 😂 Also, there was always this weird foul smell that would encapsulate the house and I would feel the presence of a human spirit move around the house. In addition, I planted a miracle leaf plant. It has started to grow when I noticed that a paw-like animal, probably a cat, had uprooted it. I cried so hard. I loved that plant.

I remember a time I lost a piece of jewellery and I was so mad that I went on YouTube to look for prayers to find lost items. I saw one, prayed it, a very simple and short prayer and I was led to the kitchen. I moved some things and saw all my jewellery in a corner. 😂 I searched for some more prayers and remedies and started salt sprinkling around the house and intense prayers.

My landlady once called my husband that we laugh too much and talk too loud. Eh! Your wife prays too much too. Reduce your noise. Then, she would end it by asking him when I would get pregnant. I have been TTC. When I heard this, I was so mad. She should have told me face to face let me scream at her. Mtchew. Later I started to burn bay leaves to ward off negative forces. At first, when I started the burning, I would use our gas lighter to light the bay leaf directly. Two days after I started, I saw my lighter, broken to pieces on the floor. I asked my husband and he was as shocked as I was. He bought us another. Two days after, I saw it bent and all the gas had leaked out. I bought a cigarette lighter. That one did not stay three days. It just grew wings and disappeared.

I eventually bought a packet of match sticks and a candle. I started lighting the candle and burning more bay leaves. A few days later, the candle disappeared. I got so mad. I screamed, “Face me, you foul spirit, come and face me! ” My husband rushed into the kitchen and asked what was wrong. I was in tears. He was so sure the candle fell or something so he rummaged the whole house and found nothing.

One day while I was praying, I heard in my spirit. “Girl, pay attention. Have you not noticed that just before a quarrel, there is always a smell?”. I started to pay attention. Lo and behold, it was true. I would notice a foul stinking smell and in less than three minutes, a fight would ensue between my husband and me. I explained this to him and he noticed it too. So when the smell comes, I would get cinnamon and Seasalt, sprinkle them around the house and pray out loud, sending the modafoka away.

One day my husband had an outing. This was an interview that had been scheduled months before but for some reason kept getting rescheduled as he would always meet their absence. That evening, as he set out, hoping to catch them so he could submit his proposal, he got covered in cobwebs as he descended the stairs. He quietly called me and I asked him to come back upstairs. We went to a prayer I had stumbled upon two days before against cobweb attacks and we prayed it intently. We were on the prayer when he got called.

This is an important detail because two days before that evening, I was to start a new job. I got ready and as soon as I stepped outside the house, cobwebs covered my face. A house I fumigated yesterday, cleaned every nook and cranny so don’t get me started ‘maybe she is a dirty girl talk. I cleaned my face and immediately started feeling weak. Life was gradually slipping out of me and I started praying in tongues. I did that until I got to work. My new boss said if I had come in a minute later, she would have cancelled our contract. Lol. See the ploy of the devil?

After the missing candle, I eventually involved my mom. She just laughed and said, “Girl, get eriri okazi”. We did and we prayed and hung it in different corners of the house. We then left the house and went on a small holiday. We were holidaying and on the second day when my landlady called my husband, yelling and screaming. Her husband had died.

Ah? Was he sick? No. He just screamed and died. Hmm. Is this a coincidence? In the words of Albert Einstein, coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.

Things are better now. No more quarrel, no cobwebs. Three weeks ago, I tested positive for omolaria. Obviously, the conception happened while we were away from the house. I am so grateful.

Bad houses are real and answered prayers are real too.

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