Org@n Harvesting: Legal implications aside, at the heart of all these is something known as EXPLOlTATION. That is the foremost bIunder that has been committed here. The power imbalance between this boy and the big man is much. No matter what, no matter his age, this boy is a victim. No matter what he signed or did not sign, it was exploitative for the politician money man to go after a struggling kid for the purpose of taking away his human part, and not to help him with a better life. This is alarming. There are legal and ethical means of doing what he tried using this underprivileged young man to do. It all boils down to exploitation. And that is very very bad! And inexcusable.

Kedu ebe oruru this boy and the political power & money house who has been in power for decades? You must take the power dynamics between the two into consideration.

Nigerian politicians loot enough to last 100 generations, it’s never enough, they never know when to stop their many cruel power plays with the downtrodden. They somehow believe their children are made of gold, while other children are dispensable entities. The extra viIIainous ones among these our poIiticians will consciously go any learnt to see that as many people as possible are in agony and pain and that they continue to lack the basic needs of life, so we would have no choice but be subservient, obey them unquestioningly, and stay the zombies they want us to be, which leads us to act under the influence of poverty. Sad.

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