For the first time, Senator Ike Ekweremadu has finally opened up on the organ harvesting scandal for which he and his wife are still being detained in the UK.

He did this through his counsel Awomolo Adegboyega when he instituted a suit at the FHC Abuja. Senator Ekweremadu is suing the NIMC, NIS and two banks Stanbic -IBTC and UBA. He is asking the NIMC to produce the NIN details of David Ukpo. He is asking the NIS to produce the Passport details of the same guy. Then he wants both Banks to furnish him with the mandate card of David Ukpo with which he opened accounts with them. He is doing this to establish the fact that David Ukpo is actually 21 years and not 15 as he claimed to the UK Authorities.

Senator Ekweremadu averred that his daughter Sonia Ekweremadu has been managing a kidney disease for five years and urgently needed a transplant to save her life. He also added that David Ukpo offered to donate one of his kidneys. He thereafter wrote to the UK High Commission in Nigeria applying for VISA for David stating clearly the reason for the VISA. He said on getting to the UK, Doctors found that the donor was not a match. He thereafter ordered the donor to go back to Nigeria. Not wanting to return to Nigeria,the donor then approached the authorities in the UK claiming to be 15 years and to have been brought to the UK for purposes of organ harvesting.

Senator Ike Ekweremadu believes that establishing the true age of the boy will help him in his defense. But here is where he is wrong. Even if it is established that the boy is actually 21,that wouldn’t free the Senator. In the UK, it is also a crime to offer inducement for organs. Then the question will be asked, did the boy freely offer to donate his kidney or was he induced to doing so? That the Ekweremadus are in possession of the donor’s account numbers with both UBA and Stanbic-IBTC seem to suggest that money must have been transferred to him. Then the Court would want to know how they got the boy. Who approached who?

In the final analysis therefore the age of the donor will end up being insignificant in this matter. In trying to establish the true age of the boy, the Ekweremadus might have unwittingly opened themselves up to more legal loopholes.

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