“A new Islamic Terror Group known as “Jamar Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladi Sudan” popularly known as Ansaru, has released a video where the Islamists accused the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) of killing Muslims in the Southern part of the country. They asked other Muslims to support them as they pledged to defend Muslims against ipob.

“Here is some committers of excess known as IPOB. Look at how they have been killing our comrades these days in the Southern part,” the leader of the group said in the video.

“Drivers are stopped, ejected from their vehicles and shot, a Muslim woman with her four children were stopped and killed, and then it was reported as unknown gunmen, this is lie.

“The organization of IPOB has been supported to kill Muslims, then Muslims, who is yours? Who is it that will protect you?” – sahara reporters.

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