A former Councillor has been caught burying charms and performing ritual in the community by Egbalor youth council of Ebubu Clan of Eleme Local Government Area,Rivers state.

The former legislator, name withheld was a serving councillor within 1999-2003 from Abonnema, ward 13 and a resident of Egbalor Community.

Egbalor security council led by the Youth President Comr. Oluka Aliba intercepted the process while on a routine security patrol and handed the suspects over to the police.

Items recovered include four leaves from a live stick, colanut, honey, salt, water, four hundred naira and other fetish items.
The suspect who was almost naked while performing the ritual has dug a pit and was about burying the substances when he and his cohort were apprehended.

In a confessional statement, the suspect claimed to be a member of the reformed Ogboni confratanity and blamed his act on failure of his business to flourish thus the ritual was to attract people to patronise his business.

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