Peter Obi’s presidential campaign will go down as the greatest organic campaign in Nigeria’s history!

INEC is yet to lift the ban on campaign, Obi is yet to appoint campaign directors at state level, but Nigerians on their own are taking the Peter Obi gospel to every part of Nigeria!

Yesterday, #Arewa4PeterObi trended on Twitter. And young people from the north (the area where it is believed Obi has no supporters) were posting pictures of the progress they have made in projecting Obi to the masses. These guys have been going to radio stations, producing virtual jingles, organising PVC rallies for Obi and setting up a local organising committee for the inauguration of Northern Youth Coalition for Peter Obi!

The most interesting part? Obi doesn’t even know these guys! These guys are spending THEIR OWN money to do these! Persons who have never met Obi are buying Obi-branded T-shirts and giving them out to people on Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, an online TV platform is being set up for Peter Obi’s campaign!

This is profoundly pleasing.

PS: Below are pictures of people spreading the Obi gospel in Benue State without any kobo as mobilisation from Peter Obi!

The fervor with which young Nigerians are working to enthrone Obi for a better Nigeria makes me really lachrymose.

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