On a Certain day years back I was cash strapped. I went to Asiwaju’s house at Bourdillon.

There were so many people in his Sitting room waiting to see him and I did not know how approach him to whisper my problems to him . I waited and waited to no avail. His visitors were still there till about 2 am in the morning. When I could not get his ears to whisper my problem I left for my home in Surulere, totally sad and disappointed. All of a sudden something whispered to put a call to his PA, Mr Sunday Dare who is now the Hon Minister for Sports & Youth Development to narrate why I came. I put a call to him and narrated my problem. I humbly asked him to convey the message to Asiwaju. He went at once to tell him my mission and Asiwaju told him that he noticed that i wanted to tell him something but without success. Asiwaju responded immediately with a call but by then I had reached home in Surulere and slept off.
In the morning, I saw the missed and returned the call. He picked and said:
”Joe I called you now but you did not pick and I guess you must have slept.”
I was surprised but that is the vintage Asiwaju for you. He asked me reach one of his men called Friday and my problem was solved.
Asiwaju will never fail you .
He is a great man who cares for all and sundry. He taught me the art of giving.”

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