Omo na relationship matter I dey solve since, it has been long I made couple do the letter therapy , it always work . I hope it does this time.

One of the major cause of issues in relationship is lack of consideration of each other’s needs and unwillingness to hear each other out and do what will bring peace.

My relationship is not perfect, that man gives me stress but one thing I made sure is that he knows that whatever it is we can talk about it and resolve it and it has to be done before we sleep. There is no place of “ Self “ in relationships or marriage, sometimes you may have to learn new things why because you are two different people who were raised differently and grew differently. Before my partner, I no get control, na Wetin I like I dey do, but with him, I realized it was important to him that I always tell him where I am going, who I am going to meet and when I get home. It seems like he was monitoring me at first maybe because he did not trust me, but for him he just wants to be sure you are safe and incase of anything he knows who to call and ask about me. It took a long time but I adjusted to it, and peace returned, so many things I stopped and he too stopped to accommodate each other.

Now this couple had a problem, he is a more home guy, conservative and on the path of righteousness, sis is a TikTok generation and anything for the gram girl, see me see me, he has a problem with her dressing, she sprayed her hair pink without telling him as she wears wig anytime they are on the phone ( long distance) . She does the most for TikTok, if you know what I mean. He said he really likes her and want her to change before they can settle down. Aunty is like, if you cannot accept me the way I am go. Brother is fighting .

In my own opinion, the things people complain about are the reason the relationship or marriage will finally end, so when you see the signs , go. I have done my part for them, I hope when they see this, they understand but It is important that if you say you love someone, there are some changes you need to make, don’t go saying, accept me that way, yes we know humans do not change but is that TikTok likes and co more important than a man who does everything for you, he is not worth character adjustment. I also told him that if TikTok is what makes her happy, he could try to accept it given that their generation is consumed by it. He said if she was doing useful content, it was okay but dancing and shaking bumbum looked to him like she was trying to score male attention.

Toh I told them to write a letter to each other expressing how they feel, they wrote it, sent across. We will see how it goes, when two people are shouting nobody is talking ..

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