A group of terr@rists on Tuesday night, att@cked the Kuje Medium Custodial Centre in Abuja, the nation’s capital with b@mbs in an apparent move to gain entry into the facility and free some of its members,
A prison staff, who confirmed the att@ck in a chat with our source explained that the att@ckers had come from the back of the prison yard.
.It was reported that the att@ck lasted for more than 20 minutes hence causing panic in the area.
However,there is reports that the terr@rists suspected to be Boko Haram members, released hardened criminals into the nation’s capital. An official who spoke to the news outlet said, “Suspected Boko Haram att@ckers have just seized the prisons from our control. They have destr#yed the prison and we don’t know what they plan to do next. All major terr@rists, armed r@bbers and kidn@ppers have escaped.”

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