Arise news : How do you respond to the comment made by Rabiu Kwakwanso that the north will not vote for an Igbo man in 2023?

Mr. Peter Obi : The comment by the elder brother Kwankwaso is the reason why we have 100 million Nigerians living in poverty, 18 million Nigerian children out of school and about 52% of Nigerians either unemployed or under employed , because rather than vote for competent leaders, we will rather vote for incompetence due to a primitive belief of religion and ethnicity. Tell me, today you can’t travel from abuja to kaduna by road or rail , is it because someone from the south east is in charge ? You can’t travel to Minna by road , is it becaus someone from the south east is in charge ? Yesterday we had an attack by bandits on the presidential convoy, in Katsina, is it because someone from the south east is in charge ? Show me where people are prospering in the north or south ? What we have consistently done in this country is to hire vehicle drivers to fly airplanes as pilots instead of hIring qualified pilots. We have a huge problem and if you don’t know, this country will soon default on their debt servicing , schools are shut down , insecurity is everywhere , Nigeria is in coma and when you are in Coma all you want is to survive , irrespective of where the surgeon who will keep you alive comes from “



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