We met in 1991
Married in 1992
Had a daughter in 1993 (She is 28 now)
Divorced in 1995

We were reacquainted in 2021
while anticipating the arrival of our grandson
I was living in VA
He was living here in FL
On August 6,2021 he asked me to marry him again
Because we discovered
“I still, He still, We Still”
I packed up my house and October 2021
he sent a moving company to VA to move me here to Florida
where we now reside
In our backyard,
we stood before friends and family
and vowed to be married and STAY together after over 25 years apart

Friends say it was the fastest engagement ever….we say it didn’t come fast enough

IT WAS A DAY OF RESTORATION and although we haven’t been back together a year yet, it’s the BEST thing we ever did for each other

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