Let me tell all my Port Harcourt peeps what’s going on in PH City,

so my course mate was to celebrate her birthday and I was invited, she sent the address of the hotel she will be using, this hotel is on the same street with
( house on the Rock church)

On that faithful day on like me I decided not to use bolt because of there plenty and many wahala, I boarded a cab and told him where I was going to but I also mentioned to him that I don’t really know the exact place.

he drove and passed the actual hotel, drove down a little and told me that this is the place, I paid him and entered inside the so called hotel, to my greatest surprise the place was so scanty and dirty

as I was about turning back to leave the next thing I had was a slap from the same cab guy that brought me there, he started dragging me upstairs when we got up stairs, he wanted to rape me coz he was already tearing my cloths I told him to stop

that I will do what he wants but first he should help me bring my wig and shoe that fell off while he was dragging me upstairs, he agreed and hurriedly went down to get them, I quickly locked the door and text my neighbor,i sent him the address.

of the place and all that have happened, he quickly got there on time went to the actual hotel I was supposed to be in he asked the security guy if he saw someone like me the guy said no, my neighbor had to narrate the content of the text to him,

the gate man pointed to the abandoned hotel and also told him that so many ugly things have been happening there, he quickly rushed to the place I sighted him from up stairs and was screaming his name, the cab guy saw him and ran away leaving his car that was how I was rescued,

we called UST police station they came and took the car to there station.
According to one police guy he said they normally use to kidnap girls there and rape them till they tired before pushing them out to the streets.

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