US-based Nigerian prison officer arrested for s€xually a§saulting an inmate about 50 times
A former Anne Arundel County corrections officer, Tajudeen Olarotimi Durodoye, 55 was arrested on Thursday on multiple sx offense charges after police investigated his conduct with an inmate while he worked at the county jail . . The suspect had resigned from his position at the Jennifer Road Detention Center in June shortly before detention department staff and Anne Arundel County Police detectives spoke with a female inmate who said Durodoye had s€xually a§saulted her between 40 and 50 times in recent months, police wrote in charging papers . . Police revealed that the jail’s surveillance footage showed Durodoye reaching into the woman’s cell and touching her after she had lifted her shirt up one night in May. The woman told investigators that the correctional officer would approach her cell and tell her to take off her clothing and would ask her over an intercom to perform sx acts in front of an in-cell camera.

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