Seven of the 50 remaining abductees of the March 28 Abuja-Kaduna train att@ck were on Saturday released by the terr@rists who kidn@pped them.
According to the Desert Herald, Sadiq Ango Abdullahi, Bosede Olurotimi, Abubakar Zubairu, Alhassan Sule, Muhammad Daiyabu Paki, Aliyu Usman and the only foreign national of Pakistani origin, Dr. Muhammad Abuzar Afzal, were set free after negotiations by Tukur Mamu, who on June 11, also secured the release of eleven other victims of the train att@ck.
Mamu, a media consultant to Kaduna-based Islam cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, said he singlehandedly negotiated the release of the victims, despite his earlier resolve to withdraw completely from negotiations due to setbacks which he blamed on government.

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