“My husband never wanted anybody to live with us. His work takes him off town for months, leaving my daughter and I alone in the house.

My business requires I go out only once in a while, so most times, I’d be home and bored. Even in the evenings when I’ll need someone to talk to, it will still be just me and my daughter.

When my cousin started asking to come live with me, I had to beg my husband before he accepted. She was yet to gain admission and was always home too like me. I noticed she started moving around with some boys in the estate.

Before long, she started dating one of them. I knew one of my older male friends would love to date her and since she needed the financial assistance that would come with the relationship, I told her about the man. To me, it was better than dating the small boy that would do her no good. Her family won’t be able to afford her tertiary education and my husband and I could only support to the best of our abilities.

I introduced her to the man and they started dating. The only condition I gave was for her not to sleep over at his place. Because the man is my friend, we sometimes went to his house together. One time, he had to beg us to sleep over. He had a big house and got his housekeepers to prepare a room for me and my child while my cousin joined him.

In a short while, I could see the changes in her life. She started looking better and buying good clothes and hair. I never for once asked her how much she was getting or did I demand to get any from her. I only advised her to save so she can have something for school .

Then, my husband’s younger sister came to join us. The two of them became close friends and often went out together. I never thought anything bad about their friendship since it was better for everyone to live in peace. Little did I know that two of them had other plans.

It happened that we had a burial to attend in my village. We all travelled home including my husband. My husband called my family for a meeting and while everyone was seated, he called out my cousin and his younger sister to come narrate what has been happening.

Right before me, my cousin said I introduced her to a man and I’ve been taking the money the man was giving her and only gave her a little from it. In other words, I was pimping her to men. My sister-in-law quickly corroborated the story. I was dumbfounded.

My father spoke up first and asked if it was true. That was the biggest shock of my life. What will I say? I just stood there with tears running down my eyes. It was when my husband said I shouldn’t return to his house that I fell down begging.

I looked at my sister-in-law and just had to expose the secret I thought I could keep for her.Right there too, I told my husband how his mother had called me to beg that she come stay in my house from where she would go terminate a pregnancy and after she healed, she can return home. I asked my husband if he knew that about his mother and sister. He was shocked. She herself couldn’t deny. He stormed out and left me there on the floor crying and begging.

I eventually went back to my house the following week after my husband had gone back to work. With the intervention of my family and friends, we reconciled.

As for my cousin and my sister-in-law, they couldn’t return to my house. I had to send their personal effects to them. They have called my husband to beg to return, but he tells them to come beg me instead as I’d be the one to live in the house with them. Of course, they cannot come to me. Not after what they did and tried to break my marriage.

Honestly, I regret my actions. I thought I was helping a young girl that was not even naive in the first place. I didn’t know I was shooting myself in the foot. “

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